Our Lady of the Angels

Our Lady of the Angel’s is a Catholic Primary school from Prep to year 7. We are situated in Wavell heights, in the north of Brisbane, Queensland.

We are a co-educational school with aprroximately 540 students. This is a photo of one of our buildings and one of our year 4 classes, 4 Pascal.

Here is a one minute snapshot of our school made by our year 4 students.



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4 Responses to Our Lady of the Angels

  1. horshamwps says:

    Hey, not sure if you meant for this to go in this section or on your school page. I copied it and placed it on your page. Please let me know if this wasn’t what you wanted.

  2. horshamwps says:

    Hey, I like the header you gave the blog for a minute there. If you want to make the pic your header on your page – just make sure you are on your school page and then on the right hand side there is a feature picture section. You can change it there.

  3. alana01 says:

    Have I done the right thing here…Sorry I’m getting used to how this works still!

    • horshamwps says:

      Hey, Sorry. When I added you as an author, I assumed that would give you access to the pages but I just found out it doesn’t. I will copy these onto your page and then I will send you an invite to become an admin instead. Sorry about that.

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