Thanks from Seoul!

Thanks Ben for initiating this blog. A terrific step in bringing people around the world closer together. Our students over in South Korea have certainly enjoyed their penpal letters that we exchanged.  They had a chance to learn about yabbying, Aussie rules football and we even had mini-lessons on how to pronounce each child’s name.  P’Leah was a difficult one!  Everyone check out our school’s recent posting under “Seoul, South Korea!”.  

Next week a couple of our classes are having a pre-Olympics party.  I will try to to post some pics of them as they “party” in their Tae Kwon Do uniforms and Soccer jerseys.  Cheers, from Seoul!

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1 Response to Thanks from Seoul!

  1. horshamwps says:

    Thanks Marc,
    I feel that as this Blog gets going it will become a fantastic resource. I am so appreciative of all of the schools that are willing to give it a go and that are wanting to connect to others around the World.
    I look forward to the reactions of my students to your letters. It will be one of the first activities we do when we get back to school on Monday.

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