Thank you to Laurie from St Rose in Windsor, Canada for suggesting we all post our school’s mission statement. This is a great idea – will give everyone a great understanding of other schools and what they are all about.

If you want to participate, could you reply to this post with your school’s mission statement.

Thanks Laurie,



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  1. mrsthomas83 says:

    Hello All! My School’s Mission Statement is short and sweet: ‘Learning with Passion, Innovation and Leadership.’ I’m definitely passionate about learning and teaching and my goal is to ignite a simiar passion in my students; I strive to use various types of innovation in meaningful ways in my first grade classroom; and work veryhard to develop the leadership qualities of the children under my guidance!

  2. horshamwps says:

    Hey, the mission statement at Horsham West and Haven PS is also short and sweet – Onward and Upward – we strive to always move forward with our learning as well as challenging ourselves to improve in our learning.

  3. llclement says:

    The mission statement at St. Rose is ‘Unity in Diversity’. We strive to ensure each individual is celebrated for their unique qualities and what they bring to our school family. When we chose this motto a year ago, we felt it would be a regular reminder to celebrate the unique qualities of every individual that enters our school.

  4. alana01 says:

    Hi everyone,
    At Our Lady of the Angels, our motto is ‘Shine with life, learn with love, grow with God’. We changed it a few years ago and got the inspiration from our school song called ‘Here at OLA’. We think it’s a good motto for our school as we can often relate it to the children’s lives and make it short – shine,learn,grow. One of our school’s charisms is Nano Nagle, who used to educate poor children in Ireland by light of a lantern. Therefore ‘Shine with life’ is appropriate for our school, along with one of our symbols being a lantern.

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