Let’s get the ball rolling

Hey everyone,

If you have an idea for a collaborative project or want to start a targeted discussion, feel free to post it on the Blog. If you are looking for just one other school to participate then maybe put out an expression of interest post, if you are keen to have a go at something but don’t know where to start, post that you are keen but not sure where to start and I will see if I can help out organising something for you. But if you dont ask, we won’t get anywhere.

For example, I am teaching Graphing to my 3/4’s am I thought it would be great to simply ask a question a week, get some answers from other schools around the world, tally the answers and graph the results – great real life work and adds a global aspect to my maths investigations.

So if you are thinking of something, get it up on here and get going today.


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2 Responses to Let’s get the ball rolling

  1. fourfieldsprimary says:


    I love the idea of having a weekly question that we can graph. Do you think we could also do some weekly weather observations in there too?

    We are now on summer break but can’t wait to get going with my class in September. Our topic is Around the World in 80 Days and Australia is one of our main stops!

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