Cultural Differences Video Conference

Hey everyone – after a school in Asia that is keen to video conference about some basic cultural differences that will go well with my current study of Australia and our Asian Neighbours – please just comment on this if you are interested. Would need to be in Australian Eastern Standard Time or possible recording or something.

Thanks guys.

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11 Responses to Cultural Differences Video Conference

  1. shemfordptk says:

    We would like to be a part of this project.

  2. horshamwps says:

    Hey thats great! If I have done my calculations correctly if I planned to connect to you guys at approx 2:30 in the afternoon, it would be roughly 10am there – that correct?? I was thinking of a highly structured interview style video conference – what do you think? Otherwise what do you have in mind?

    • shemfordptk says:

      The time’s perfect, but could you please specify the age groups taking part in this project. From our side the kids between the ages of 5-10 will be part of this project. And we have a religious celebration on Thursday where pupils will be dressed as one of Hindu God and Goddess. I think we can show it to you via skype. Is it workable??

      • horshamwps says:

        Hey yeh very good point – I didn’t mention the age group – my group is 8-10 year olds do that is fine. Skype is fine but I can’t do it on Thursday as I have a prior arrangement but Friday is fine if it works for you?? If you let me know your Skype name I can contact you tomorrow afternoon my time so mid morning there and we can discuss the options.

  3. shemfordptk says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply. The Skype name is shemford.pathankot, kindly send yours as well. We have a holiday on Friday, so we can schedule it on Monday or Tuesday. Is that fine? But I really wish to send the pictures of our students dressed up as Indian Gods, so can I send it to you via email? Kindly provide your email address for that.

  4. horshamwps says:

    yeh that sounds great. You can email the pictures to My skype name is mr.miatke – so are you available for me to contact you tomorrow afternoon at approximately 4pm – so I think it would be about 12 there??

  5. shemfordptk says:

    Yes I will be there. We hope to have a great partnership ahead.

  6. We are interested in this project. How to go about it?

    • horshamwps says:

      Sounds good Anchal – I am having a skyping session with Shemford Futuristic School on Monday. I would love to coordinate either in this way or via actual video conferencing equipment. If you have an actual video conferencing unit, if you email me your number I will make a test call on Monday and we can get going. Otherwise we can also have a skyping session similar to the one I am having on Monday. If you let me know what you would prefer, then we can get onto it ASAP. Thanks

  7. tihs007 says:

    We can have a video conference session on our just over religious festival Shri Krishna Janamashtami.

  8. horshamwps says:

    Yes we definitely could – I have a number of classes that will benefit from this chat so can you read the reply to your above comment and let me know.

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