Uniform Collaboration – what do students wear at school?

A friend of mine is an Early Childhood Teacher at Quinns Beach Primary School in Western Australia and is conducting a Global Research Project with her class of Pre-Primary/Year Ones. D3 and their teacher Ms Bec Bentley would love to find out whether other schools around Australia and even the world, wear a uniform to school and what these look like.

Can you please choose one student or a small group of students to share with her students some information about your school uniform? Remember they are only 4 and 5 years of age, so keep it simple. Maybe explain your logo/crest, why your school colours were chosen and maybe some practical features of your design eg: extra material in the knees, shorts under skirts (skorts) etc. Easy!

If you could share this email with your teacher friends too and with other schools in your district it will certainly provide this class with more and more uniform designs to research! Primary school aged children and high school students please!

Please email her your contribution. You choose the “how to present” part – maybe a photo with text, or even a short video. The class intend to use Pinterest to collate and collaborate their findings as it is a great way for younger children to see the sharing of ideas! Once they have received some feedback they will send you the link to their Pinterest page.

Email: Rebecca.Bentley@education.wa.edu.au

Twitter: @BecBentley

Class Blog: http://www.qbsd32012.wordpress.com

I know we are all pressed for time, but your help and support would be much appreciated. Remember keep it short and sweet!

I know Ms Bentley and her students are waiting with excitement and thank you in advance.

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