Desperate need of Pen pal Groups


I have a problem – I had organised two schools for penpal programs but for some reason or another, they have not come to fruition. So I am in need of two schools to build a penpal program. I am in desperate need as the students at my school have already written the letters and are keen for this to happen. 

Is there any schools that can help?

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3 Responses to Desperate need of Pen pal Groups

  1. Sue Ward says:

    We’ll be looking for pen pals once school resumes on 3rd September so would be very interested especially given your location. Philaeus Fogg is due to land in Australia in the second week of term!

  2. shemfordptk says:

    Hello. We want to be a part of this project. Kindly consider

  3. Hello, if you need another class, we would love to participate as well. We also begin school the first week of September and could begin writing right away. We are from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. You can reach me at


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