How do you celebrate Christmas?

My name is Jason from Horsham, Victoria, Australia and my class would like to make contact with schools all over the world to explore how different countries celebrate Christmas. I look forward to hearing from someone soon.


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6 Responses to How do you celebrate Christmas?

  1. Hi Jason

    I’m sure my class would love to discuss the similarities and differences between our two countries. We are in England and always hope for snow in December!


    • jasonweir2 says:

      Sue, Great to hear from you. We are currently trying to increase our students global awareness. I thought we could e-mail different countries and compare similarities and differences. How about I get my kids to write what they do for Christmas and I will send their comments in one document to you and then you could reply to their questions. Let me know what you think. I teach a class of 23 grade 5 students. It is very hot here at Christmas time, sometimes it is 40 degrees celcius for Christmas lunch! Jason Horsham West P.S. ________________________________________

      • Hi Jason,
        I would like to participate in your project also. I teach 7/8 in California, USA. I would like my students to create a video and post it on YouTube for our part of the project. Also, I would like my students to be able to see how others celebrate too. Will your project be posted on a Blog or Wiki? I will be happy to help with that part. We would have to finish our part in January, after our break. If this will work for you, please email me.

      • Sue Ward says:

        Hi Jason/Anchal

        Just thought I’d let you know that I’m going to make a start this afternoon as part of our IT lesson.

        When they’re finished, I’ll collate and email to you.

        Anchal, would you like a copy too?

        Kind regards


      • jasonweir2 says:

        Sue, The kids have written about their Christmas celebrations and I just need to send it! It will be coming to you soon. Jason


  2. I would like to participate in your project. I can send a video or we can us skype and directly listen to the students what they want to share. Sure, My students will love to share with your students how we celebrate Christmas in school as well at our homes. Do suggest in what way we can do this project. We are from a school in India.


    Anchal sharma
    The Indian Heights School

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