Cherkassy, Ukraine


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  1. Hello everybody,
    First City Gymnasia, Cherkasy, Ukraine, has been UNESCO Associated school since 1996. There are more than 600 students here, who are grouped into 21 classes, taught by 67 teachers. In fact, there are 3 schools in one – primary, middle and high (the heritage of the Soviet Union system). It means that here we have students of 6-18 years old. All the students start studying English from the 1st grade (6 years old) very successfully. Later they can learn about 11 different languages more. The most efficient are German, French and Spanish. Gymnasia has some positive practice in international exchange since 1985, it has 21 partner-schools in different countries of the world. It is also Regional FLEX Centre. There are 2 exam centres – Spanish DELE and Cambridge Exams- FCE, etc. You can find more details on our web-site
    phone +38-0472-32-58-28

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