Curious about Traffic Issues Around Schools

Our school has traffic issues – lots of cars in the school zone. Just wondering if anyone is happy to tell us how they manage school traffic issues and whether kids are involved in any traffic safety solutions. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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Christmas Jokes

I teach a year three/four class in Horsham, Victoria in Australia.

We are compiling a book of Christmas jokes and are looking for other people to share their favourite jokes with us so we can include them in the book.  If you have a joke we’d love to hear it.



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Comparing Christmas

Our grade 6 class is looking at comparing a typical Christmas Day with children of the same age from an overseas country. If you are interested we will provide a document of our grade’s typical activities that happen on Christmas day. We would be interested in hearing from you with a similar description of what you do in your country on Christams day. Include the weather details.

Looking forward from hearing from you,

Rob. (Australia)


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Our Grade 6 class would like to compare typical Christmas Day foods and games from around the world. This can be done as a grade collective rather than individual. We will provide a grade brainstorm  document  showing typical foods and activities from our part of Australia. We will also include some photos in case you are unsure of what these foods or games are.  If your grade is interested, please contact us.


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Capital Cities Information Sharing

I am interesting in sharing information about capital cities from around the world. My year 6 students from Horsham in Victoria, Australia are undertaking an excursion to Canberra and would like to find out how it compares to other capital cities around the world. The sharing of history, location, climate, population, personal journeys and visits would be a stIf you are interested please let me know….

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Fiesta Project in association with Penygarn and Maniatoto

This gallery contains 5 photos.

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The House the 5A built

My students are currently studying perimeter and area. Our class has now decided that it would be a good opportunity to link these understanding to their real life. I was wondering if anyone knows any good websites which help students create their own floor plans.

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How do you celebrate Christmas?

My name is Jason from Horsham, Victoria, Australia and my class would like to make contact with schools all over the world to explore how different countries celebrate Christmas. I look forward to hearing from someone soon.


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What is your favourite…..?

Hi All

I am a PE teacher and want bring information from other countries into my lessons. I currently begin a lesson by asking students a question. i.e. what is their favourite.. fruit, vegetable, winter/summer sport, etc. I wish to discuss with the students reasons why our data might be different to that of another class. I wish to target my lower primary students.

Kind Regards


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Exchange Visit

We look for a partner school for teacher and student exchange visit. We would like to invite schools across the globe for a cultural visit to Shemford Futuristic School, India. We are hosting two schools from UK and Ukraine in late 2012. Any schools interested, kindly mail us.

Kindest Regards

Shemford Pathankot

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